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Conrad Public Schools

2014 Strategic Planning Process 



The Conrad Public Schools has created a new direction for the school district to strategically focus its resources on identified wants, preferences, and needs of its community. As part of this process, Conrad Public Schools has begun a strategic planning and thinking process that will lead to a stronger and more vital school district. This process will be ongoing as Conrad Public Schools move into the future. This Strategic Plan is intended to help Conrad Public Schools in focusing its resources in a manner that will best benefit the students enrolled in Conrad Public Schools.     

A team made up of Conrad Board of Trustees, staff and community members began the strategic planning and thinking process necessary to fit with its commitment to students, to community engagement, to moving the District forward and to utilizing a knowledge-based decision making process.  

As part of its preparation for planning strategically, Conrad Public Schools brought in staff from the Montana School Boards Association with expertise in strategic planning for public schools to help facilitate the group through the initial strategic planning process.

On January 2014, the Conrad Board of Trustees formally adopted its new strategic plan.

The Conrad Board of Trustees views the process of strategic planning as an ongoing process within the school system. This is not a "strategic planning project" that is completed. Nor is it intended as the end of a conversation, but rather as the beginning of one – a conversation regarding how Conrad Public Schools can best serve the community and maximize the focus and impact of its resources on its Core Purpose. Conrad Public Schools intend that this plan become the means by which the Conrad community’s values, needs and priorities can be regularly discussed, clarified, documented, prioritized and pursued by our school system over time.    

Adoption of a plan is an affirmation of the initial general intent and direction articulated by the Core Ideology, Envisioned Future and Goals and Strategic Objectives. It is understood that the strategies identified in this document will change over time as we implement the plan and gain a deeper understanding of what does and does not work and incorporate the feedback of our constituents to ensure that the plan remains relevant and contemporary over time.

Progress toward achieving identified strategic objectives will be assessed at least annually, and the plan will be updated based on achievement and changes in the needs of the students served by the Conrad Public Schools.   

Strategic Planning Framework

The framework used by the Conrad Public Schools for its strategic planning process was adapted from a model developed by Jim Collins, author of “Built to Last” and “Good to Great.” The Board and Staff Leadership Team focused on five different planning horizons, starting with the long term issues first to provide focus on shorter term efforts. 

Planning Horizons