Sharyl Allen   Sharyl Allen
  Superintendent of Schools 

Welcome to the Best School Year Yet!  You will hear a lot this year about "The Cowboy Way".  As we move forward with the significant changes that impacted the close of the past school year, we will be working on being positive with students, parents, community members and one another.  "The Cowboy Way" is always about taking care of those around us.  It includes going the extra mile.  It is the Golden Rule in action.  You are invited to join us as we apply "The Cowboy Way" to all of our actions this year

It has been a whirlwind making the move to Conrad to serve as your new superintendent in less than 25 days.  Having grown up in Montana, traveling through Conrad, playing sports, in Conrad always left a positive impression.  Our community has always taken great pride in have exceptional schools for our students.  Indeed you will be hearing about the accomplishments of our students regularly.  You are invited to be part of building upon the strong traditions that make Conrad the best place to be,  in the Last Great Place known as Montana. 
Please ask questions and please give our staff the benefit of the doubt as they work tirelessly to provide our community's children incredible learning experiences.  Let us join hands and see what we can create for our children.  They deserve our very best and together we will give them an education that is the envy of the State! will have our newsletter for you to access.  If you would like a hard copy of this newsletter please contact our Central Office.  As we carefully assess our use of resources,  the mailed home newsletter has been cut.  Instead, hard copies will be available by request and a few copies will be distributed at the public library and the school's for your convenience. 

Last Modified on August 4, 2016