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My Philosophy of Education


“The direction in which an education starts a man will determine his future life.” – Plato


Every student can learn and will learn if they are presented with the opportunities to do so and take responsibility for making the effort to learn.  It is the purpose of every school to provide these learning opportunities for every student, in every classroom, every day.  It is the responsibility of every school leader and teacher to ensure that their students are presented schoolwork that provides them with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and experiences that are of value to the students, to the community, and to society at large.  High expectations and standards, vigorous content, continuous improvement, persistent innovation, and a commitment to continued growth are the responsibility of every school leader, teacher, and student.  The secret of academic success is no different from success in other fields of endeavor: It involves hard work, the will to succeed, and focused, deliberate practice.
The primary focus of everything that goes on in any school must be: Learning.  Student acquisition and mastery of basic and essential educational skills takes precedence over all school activities.  An effective school has a mission that is shared by the administration, teachers, and students and articulates their instructional goals, priorities, assessment procedures, accountability, and responsibility.  The administration, teachers, and students must accept a shared responsibility for achieving the school’s essential curricular goals.  School leaders ensure that schools have resources needed to deliver the educational program, teachers provide the opportunities to learn, and students take responsibility for making the effort to learn.  High expectations and high standards must be in place for all students, and our students must make sufficient effort, pay attention to their teachers, do their assignments, exercise self-discipline, and understand that they are ultimately responsible for their learning.  The educational process must be demanding, exciting, stimulating, creative, flexible, and innovative.  School leaders and teachers should never forget that they have the power, ability, and the responsibility to make a positive difference in the lives of every one of their students.
A public school education must prepare every student for either work or continued education; laying the academic foundations that permit individuals to acquire the skills, knowledge, habits, and outlook that they will need to be successful in life after school.  The superintendent, principals, teachers, and parents must underscore “the will to succeed” by setting clear expectations, demanding effort, and not accepting apathy.  Our educational institutions must prepare our children to participate in society, use leisure time constructively, give of themselves, and to derive satisfaction and pleasure from their efforts and accomplishments.  Students must learn to create their own success and to succeed despite adverse circumstances, for the simple reason that the circumstances of life will never be optimal.   Most people believe that a public education must prepare all young people for three roles: Citizens of a democracy, workers in a complex society, and participants in the larger society. 

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We are all looking forward to the adventures that are ahead for the 2015-2016 school year.
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